R.O. Reject Recapture Systems

Reduce Water & Sewer Bills

Velocity R.O. Reject Recapture

Never send a single drop of precious water down the drain. Capture your R.O. reject water with a Velocity R.O. Reject Recapture System. This system collects and re-uses water to reduce your water and sewer bills. System sizes are available to fit a wide range of applications, no matter the volume.


  • Recover R.O. reject water
  • Maximize use of every drop of water
  • Lower utility bills
Submersible Pump RRS System

Stainless Steel

Corrosion-resistant materials used on every frame and component.


Components thoughtfully positioned for smallest footprint and easier maintenance.

Performance Tested

Continual system monitoring and digital feedback.


Designed specifically for your car wash to ensure optimal performance.

Elevating the Standard

Elevating the Standard


Constant Pressure Pump & Pressure Tank Systems

  • Reject Recovery Systems save operators money by capturing and re-using RO reject water. RO/Spot-Free Delivery Constant Pressure Systems are available for higher-volume applications.
  • Stainless Steel pumps with TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motors and pressure tanks are sized to prevent quick cycling. Pumps are standard 230V, 1-Phase. 3-Phase options are available.
  • The low-limit tank fill assembly fills the holding tank with a secondary water supply in low-level situations. A float switch, 3/4″ stainless steel solenoid, and tank connections are included. 


  • Fresh Water Bypass (FWB) Assembly
  • Low Limit Safety (LLS) Shut-Off Assembly
  • Holding Tanks ordered separately

Submersible Pump RRS System

  • This system boasts a small footprint with 20-27 gpm flow and a 20V submersible stainless steel pump that includes a 20-foot power cord. (230V 1-Phase option also available.) A stainless steel wall-mount bracket houses the control box and 5g in-line pressure.
  • The outlet assembly includes stainless steel fittings, a pressure switch, a pressure gauge, a stainless steel check valve, and barbed fittings to quickly connect the inlet and outlet.
  • The system also includes a low-limit safety shut-off assembly and an optional low-limit tank fill system.
Submersible Pump RRS System
Submersible Pump RRS System

Submersible Pump RRS System

  • This system boasts a small footprint with 20 gpm flow (27 gpm max). 120V Submersible Stainless Steel Pump that includes a 20 ft power cord. (230V 1-Phase Option is available.) Stainless steel wall mount bracket houses the control box and 5ga in-line pressure.
  • Outlet assembly includes stainless steel fittings, pressure switch, pressure gauge, stainless steel check valve and barbed fittings for quick connection of inlet and outlet.
  • System also includes low limit safety shut-off assembly and optional low limit tank fill system.