R.O. Reject Recapture Systems

Reduce Water & Sewer Bills

Velocity R.O. Reject Recapture

Never send a single drop of precious water down the drain. Capture your R.O. reject water with a Velocity R.O. Reject Recapture System. This system collects and re-uses water to reduce your water and sewer bills. System sizes are available to fit a wide range of applications, no matter the volume.


  • Recover R.O. reject water
  • Maximize use of every drop of water
  • Lower utility bills
Submersible Pump RRS System

Elevating the Standard

Elevating the Standard


Constant Pressure Pump & Pressure Tank Systems

  • Reject Recovery Systems save operators money by capturing and re-using RO reject water. RO/Spot-Free Delivery Constant Pressure Systems are available for higher-volume applications.
  • Stainless Steel pumps with TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motors and pressure tanks are sized to prevent quick cycling. Pumps are standard 230V, 1-Phase. 3-Phase options are available.
  • The low-limit tank fill assembly fills the holding tank with a secondary water supply in low-level situations. A float switch, 3/4″ stainless steel solenoid, and tank connections are included.
  • Available flow rates and pressure: 20, 30, or 38 GPM @ 40 PSI


  • Fresh Water Bypass (FWB) Assembly
  • Low Limit Safety (LLS) Shut-Off Assembly
  • Holding Tanks ordered separately

Submersible Pump RRS System

  • This system boasts a small footprint with 20-27 gpm flow and a 120V submersible stainless steel pump that includes a 20-foot power cord. (230V 1-Phase option also available.) A stainless steel wall-mount bracket houses the control box and 5g in-line pressure.
  • The outlet assembly includes stainless steel fittings, a pressure switch, a pressure gauge, a stainless steel check valve, and barbed fittings to quickly connect the inlet and outlet.
  • The system also includes a low-limit safety shut-off assembly and an optional low-limit tank fill system.
Submersible Pump RRS System
Submersible Pump RRS System

Submersible Pump RRS System

  • This system boasts a small footprint with 20 gpm flow (27 gpm max). 120V Submersible Stainless Steel Pump that includes a 20 ft power cord. (230V 1-Phase Option is available.) Stainless steel wall mount bracket houses the control box and 5ga in-line pressure.
  • Outlet assembly includes stainless steel fittings, pressure switch, pressure gauge, stainless steel check valve and barbed fittings for quick connection of inlet and outlet.
  • System also includes low limit safety shut-off assembly and optional low limit tank fill system.